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free pub order app - pint of beer

Free Pub Order App. Customer places order, they pay, you deliver to their table. Simple!


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no need for cash


No Need For Cash or Menus

Cash and menus could spread the virus. Using Pub Order can eliminate the need for cash or menus. Your customer can view all of your products on their smartphone and pay online.

social distancing


Social Distancing

Be ready for social distancing. Keep your customers and staff safe. Space your tables accordingly and deliver drinks, food or bar snacks directly to your customers.

great customer experience


Great Customer Experience

Your customers don’t have to bother downloading an app from the app store. They simply scan a QR code or enter your unique app name into their browser and they’re good to go.

no queuing


No More Queues

Queuing at the bar is a thing of the past. Avoid people queuing at the bar by enabling them to order directly from their smartphone. Your customer places an order, pays for it and then you bring the order directly to their table. 

track and trace


Track & Trace

Customers can register that they are at your pub, club, or bar. All data is encrypted and stored securely on Microsoft Azure servers. Data is automatically deleted 21 days after their visit. Data is not accessed unless a government body makes a request.

Mini Guide

free pub order app home page


Home Page

Each pub gets their own home page. So for example a pub called the Red Lion might choose to be their home page.  Names cannot be duplicated, they’re on a first come first served basis.

You set a welcome message for your customers in the Admin system.

Your customers type in your home page name into a browser or they scan a QR code that we provide you with.

Next, they select from 5 standard options…

  1. Drinks
  2. Food
  3. Soft Drinks, Tea & Coffee
  4. Bar Snacks
  5. Other
free pub order app categories


Drinks Menu

If your customer selects Drinks, for example, they are then presented with different categories of drinks that you can set up in the administration module.

As you can see, in the demo system we have set up…

  1. Cider
  2. Lager and beer
  3. Spirits
  4. Wine
free pub order app - lager and beer


Lager and Beer

In this example, the customer wants to order a pint of Carling lager. 

The lager and beer option displays all of the lagers and beers that you have entered in your administration module.

They then click on the price for a pint of Carling.

free pub order app - add to basket


Added To Basket

A message at the bottom of the screen show that the Carling has been added to the basket.

Clicking on the message take the customer to the Checkout screen.

free pub order app - checkout



On the checkout screen your customer enters their name and table number and selects their preferred method of payment.

The administration module allows payments of Cash, Card or PayPal. You can select which payment methods you want to accept.

Try Our Demo App

Admin System – Admin password is password; Staff password is staff1

Please note: the Order System is designed to be run on a mobile phone and we use both of these apps for experimenting with new ideas, etc. Just in case you see something a little strange!! 😁


Easy Setup

Simply enter your products and prices by category of product and the number of tables that you have, followed by the payment methods that you accept and you’re pretty much good to go.

Online Payments

Your customers can pay you directly, online via the app.

Your System

Your pub gets its own unique instance of Pub Order e.g.  Your customers will optionally be able to scan a QR code too for direct access to the application.

Works On Any Smart Device

Pub Order is designed and built to work on any smart device that can run a modern-day browser. From smartphones through to tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs. 

Customer Friendly

Your customer simply scans a QR code or enters your unique application address into their smartphone. They select their table number, choose which products they want and pay.

Supporting You

Our goal is to get you up and running again, taking orders. Any issues, questions or problems and our team will be on hand to guide and support you.


  • Nothing! It’s free, entirely free! Click here for why we created pub order.

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